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Anyone who uses a wooden watch is really very pleased to date. In the past, wooden watches were made. It's worth taking a little look at these wooden watches made in history. Because these wooden watches in the past are the product of aesthetics.

Some wooden timepieces in the history include still-life decorations on wall watches. Or the herbal depictions used appear in many branches of art with beautiful examples. The most beautiful examples are acanthus, vine, wild flowers, curly branches, palmette, rosette flowers, leaves.

The use of mostly floral motifs used in wood watches has revealed a different picture. Besides, the use of geometric object motifs along with the floral motifs together with various compositions creates a wonderful appearance. Geometric shapes are polygons, ray rods, medallions, stars, and eggs. In this context, the object is the pearl bead or array, candlestick and vase.

Of course, the motifs are understood not only by their own but also by the examples of various compositions. In other words, it is preferred in geometric motifs besides an object motif. It can also be used with motifs that exhibit animal appearance with floral motifs. Beautiful decorations on wooden watches have been used in many stages of history. Many country compositions can be included in the decorations in wooden wall watches. Common effects can be seen between some periods.

Because of this, similarities are seen in terms of style and motif usage in decorations. In this respect, still life decorations are even processed in ceramic plates. In other words, it is seen that this motif is more stylized in many products from wooden watches.

There are many examples of wooden wall watches that we have seen in the places of worship, mosques, tombs and some museums all over the world. Their general characteristic is that they reflect the nature beautifully. Today's wooden watches are at least as colorful and aesthetic as the transition.

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