People are thinking about their health by prefering wooden watches. In fact, the fact that a watch is wooden makes people feel psychological. Why did the wooden watches are ultimately made of wood. Tree means nature and happiness. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of the wooden watch, you can visit https://www.woodwatchbox.com/ for an hour.

In order to understand today's wood watches, you must taking a look at the history. It is stated in various sources that there is no indication of the date of construction in any of the wall watches made in wood in history. In the historical process, it is estimated that all of the watches can be made between the end of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century based on similar examples known with their motifs and the date of construction. Whether you want to buy a wall or a wooden watch, the website is as useful as possible.

In the past, it is understood that some of the watches are French, German and Swiss, and such watches are used in many places. It is estimated that most of the watches which are not brand and writing used in historical places can be made in French and some of them can be made in German. Apart from the fact that one of these watches is a metal case, all of the samples are made of wood and the dials, pendulums and watches are made of metal. In addition, the wooden cases are polished and partially painted with wood-appropriate paints. For this reason, the wooden watch cases are often joined together by nails of different lengths and types, as well as by the use of a glue and glue-type adhesive. This is due to the support activity.

Ornaments in wooden watches are on the front, on the front of the body, on the glass, in the quadrant, in the pendulum and in the lower section. In this context, the wooden cases of some of the watches are made simple and there is no ornament. Along with the clean workmanship, it is not overlooked in the handling of ornamental wall watch samples in which the motifs are given in a harmonious arrangement in harmony with each other. Some of the motifs are on the watches in vegetative decorations as antinaturalist. In addition, the decorative flower and leaf motifs, the twisted branches, the stylized acanthus, flowers, the period seems to reflect partially the rococo effective magnificence.

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